Day 3 – Cartagena to Medellin After completing two very full days in Cartagena, we were pretty excited to be flying to a new city. With the two other friends of ours flying back home early in the day, it was my friend Kevin and I that were left to continue on with the journey to […]

Day 2 – Sweets and Rain  The goal of day 2 was to explore Cartagena’s main attraction, the historic old town. The old city is the crown jewel of Cartagena, and it is surrounded by city walls topped with cannons. Pastry shops, street vendors, restaurants, and colonial homes, line the streets, and the Caribbean charm […]

A Day at Disney World Animal Kingdom Warning: This post is very delayed. Like months delayed. I forgot to publish it. Oops!  Disney World Animal Kingdom. We finally made it to all of the Disney World parks this year!  It was again a crowded day. Even more crowded than we expected because Avatar was having a […]

Why Colombia? A couple of years ago, my friend Kevin and I made a pact that if he ever quit work to get his MBA, we would go on a cool trip somewhere before he gets schooled. Well, surprisingly, Kevin did quit work, so the time came to pick a place for an adventure. With a […]

Heading to Kolob Canyons: We had one more day in Zion before heading to Las Vegas in the evening, so we decided to spend it in the lesser traveled section of Kolob Canyons. Kolob Canyons is still part of Zion National Park, but to get there from the main area, you have to exit the […]

Zion Shuttle Today was our big day in Zion National Park. We were going to do the big attractions including Angels Landing and part of the Narrows. So, we woke up bright and early and super pumped to start the day. We ate a quick and hearty breakfast at our campsite and then packed everything […]

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon National Park  It’s funny. When we are at home, I’m (almost) always the first one out of bed. Nisheet is not a morning person. But, when we are on vacation, the roles are reversed. Nisheet has to drag me out of bed. And sometimes there is just no hope. That was […]

Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park: We knew we wanted to go hiking on our full day in Bryce Canyon, so I diligently researched all the hiking trails beforehand. I had it planned out. We were going to do the strenuous 8-mile Fairyland loop. It is less traveled, and the views are supposed to be […]

Heading to Bryce Canyon National Park: Since I recently started a new job, I haven’t been able to accumulate very many vacation days yet. And that means I’ve been trapped in Florida for months without taking a trip anywhere!  So, since I was already getting 5 days off for the 4th of July holiday, I figured […]

A Day at Disney Magic Kingdom Next up on our Amusement Park Tour was Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. We visited Disney Magic Kingdom back in December 2015 and have been itching to go back ever since. Nisheet still has the magical memory of riding Dumbo at night with his dad and feeling like a kid again. And, then there is […]