What I Ate (and Drank) in Belgium: I once heard someone say that Belgium is like France but without all the arrogance and snobbiness. Although I am completely in love with the French people, culture, and the country, I have to say that I agree with this statement. And, this applies to the food too. […]

  Best Bites Around the World: As you have probably realized by now, Nisheet and I love food. But, more than that, we love snack foods. Sure, sitting down to a 3 course meal down a secret alley in Paris can be a heaven on earth, but snack foods are what we are best at. […]

Vacations always fly by faster than you think they should.  It was a whirlwind of a trip through 4 countries in 3 weeks, but even in hindsight, I don’t think I would have changed my itinerary (which I will be posting in case you ever get the itch to go to any of these cities). It […]

Brussels For our last day in Belgium (read our other Belgium blogs: Ghent and Bruges), we decided to check out Brussels. We had been told ahead of time that Brussels was only worth one day on our itinerary, if that. Since we were flying out of Brussels the following morning and since it is such […]

Ghent We started the day off by taking the train from Bruges (read the Bruges blog) to Ghent. There is no need to book tickets ahead of time. We showed up at the station, bought our tickets, and were on a train within 10 minutes. It was a short trip, taking only half an hour, […]

Bruges With a full day ahead of us (and the journey from Paris to Belgium behind us), we decided to start the day off with a free walking tour from a company called The Legend of Bruges. Our tour guide, Simon, was excellent and kept us entertained with amazing stories, facts, and legends from the […]

Paris to Belgium We had a wonderful stay in Paris (read our blog post Jardin des Plantes, A Day of La Seine, Cafes, and Art, and The Eiffel Tower, Cathedrals, and Gardens), but we made a small mistake. During all the stress of planning and researching the European sights and then actually going to all the […]