Day 3 – Cartagena to Medellin After completing two very full days in Cartagena, we were pretty excited to be flying to a new city. With the two other friends of ours flying back home early in the day, it was my friend Kevin and I that were left to continue on with the journey to […]

Day 2 – Sweets and Rain  The goal of day 2 was to explore Cartagena’s main attraction, the historic old town. The old city is the crown jewel of Cartagena, and it is surrounded by city walls topped with cannons. Pastry shops, street vendors, restaurants, and colonial homes, line the streets, and the Caribbean charm […]

Why Colombia? A couple of years ago, my friend Kevin and I made a pact that if he ever quit work to get his MBA, we would go on a cool trip somewhere before he gets schooled. Well, surprisingly, Kevin did quit work, so the time came to pick a place for an adventure. With a […]