Garden of the Gods: We had to fly home today. I still don’t know what compelled me to actually board the plane and fly back to Chicago. I guess it is because I have a job and apartment here… but Colorado, oh how I miss you. Even though we stayed in Boulder last night and flew […]

Boulder: We spent today in Boulder, Colorado, and I can’t say that I was super impressed with the city of Boulder itself. It is definitely worth your while to check it out, but don’t plan on spending an entire day. We walked down the pedestrian street, ate at a laid back restaurant, and saw some […]

Rocky Mountain National Park: Today we were supposed to head towards Fort Collins as we had tour reservations at the New Belgium Brewery. But, we loved the Rocky Mountain National Park so much that we decided to have breakfast in the park. We grabbed some donuts and coffee at the Donut Haus (where the original owner […]

Rocky Mountain National Park: I woke up this morning excited to make my way back into Rocky Mountain National Park. Today we were going to hike to Bear Lake and Emerald Lake. It would be a short hike (less than 5 miles), but remembering that there aren’t many places to find drinking water, I made […]

Rocky Mountain National Park: Denver was great, but today was the day that I had really been looking forward to. We were headed to Rocky Mountain National Park! Nisheet’s boss used to live in Colorado and advised us that I-70 west was a beautiful drive, so we planned to hop on 70 West and then […]

Denver: We got up early today thinking we would get a head start on all the other tourists wanting to explore Denver. Maybe we got up a little too early. There was no one around when we got into Denver, and nothing was open. Part of the problem was that The Taste of Colorado wasn’t […]

Denver Airport: If you know me well,  you know that Nisheet and I have a tradition of going on vacation around Labor Day. The weather is still decent, we can use less vacation days from work because of the holiday, and a lot of kids have started school and aren’t traveling. This year, we decided […]