A Day Trip From Savannah I didn’t mention it in my Savannah post, but while there, I did spend a day outside of the city. I planned on spending a couple hours each at Fort James Jackson, Fort Pulaski, and Tybee Island. It didn’t exactly work out as I envisioned, but you’ll just have to […]

Savannah, Georgia I once again had the chance to travel to Savannah, Georgia with Nisheet. He was on business. I was on vacation. It was bad timing as I had a million and one other things to do, but I couldn’t resist. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to travel with Nisheet […]

Savannah Nisheet has traveled to Savannah, GA numerous times for business, and every time he has come home raving about the food, culture, charm, and history captured in this tiny southern city. Several times I have tried to join him, but one thing or another always got in the way… timing, work, cost. But, this […]

Written by Ashley: We did it. We actually did it. We made the big move from the Midwest to Florida. It was a big headache moving 2 apartments in 2 different states 1,225 miles south, but it could have been a lot more stressful. The¬†movers for both apartments did all the work while we stood […]

I started this week off stressing because Nisheet and I did not have any plans for the 4th of July, and I couldn’t find any plane tickets for a reasonable price. We both had an extra day off from work, and I couldn’t just sit at home when there are so many cities to visit […]