HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be filled with good food, great friends, and awesome adventures! As 2016 comes to a close, I want to take a minute and thank all of you for supporting our website. We appreciate every single visit, like, share, comment, and click. We had a fantastic year full of fun trips, and […]

What I Ate in Iceland: When I researched Icelandic food before my trip, I was a bit surprised by what I found. Rotten shark, sheep’s head, whale meat… It didn’t sound exactly appetizing, and it certainly wasn’t inspiring to my inner foodie. But fear not, most of the Icelandic food is delicious, and you’ll always find something […]

Sadly, today was our last day in Reykjavik, and we were already dreaming of our next adventure in Iceland. But before we left, we had one more attraction left on our list. Reykjavik 871 +/-2 The Settlement Exhibition. Be sure to read about our other adventures in Iceland including The Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, Day in […]

One Week Iceland Packing List: Spring When I started planning my trip to Iceland, I turned to the internet for help on creating a Iceland packing list. A couple items always showed up (heavy jacket, good boots, and wool socks), but since I was traveling in March with unpredictable weather, it was hard to get […]

The Secret Lagoon: We had been having some action packed days with tours to the Golden Circle, Reykjanes Peninsula, and South Coast, so we were in need of a chill day. So that is exactly what we had. After a lazy morning hanging around the hostel, we boarded a shuttle bus through Sterna Travel to take […]

South Coast: After spending a quiet day in Reykjavik (check out the Reykjavik city post), we were ready to get out and explore more of Iceland. Today’s adventure? The South Coast. We once again took GeoIceland just as we had for the Golden Circle and the Reykjanes Peninsula. Since we took 3 tours with them, they gave […]

Ashley Brought Home Candy For An Icelandic Candy Taste Test As you have probably gathered by the endless stream of Iceland blog posts (Golden Circle, Reykjanes Peninsula, Day in Reykjavik) and pictures (Iceland Photo Gallery), I went on an epic adventure to Iceland with Melissa. And, we went without Nisheet! Sometimes you just have to have […]

Reykjavik: We woke up to snow! Melissa might not have been that excited since she just made it through another Chicago winter, but I was as happy as a little kid on a snow day. And it actually worked out quite well that this was the snowy day during our trip because we were staying in […]

Reykjanes Peninsula: Day 3 in Iceland consisted of another full day tour from GeoIceland, and this time we explored the Reykjanes Peninsula which was approximately $80 per person. Just like for the previous day’s tour (check out The Golden Circle Tour post), we were picked up in a mini shuttle bus shortly before 9am, and we were off! The […]

The Golden Circle Melissa and I woke up bright and early on our second day in Iceland for a full day tour of the Golden Circle and Northern Lights. This is probably one of the most popular tours in Iceland as it is in close proximity to Reykjavik and it has several must see attractions […]