A video of our 2014 summer vacation in the United Kingdom. This was our very first attempt at a video, so don’t be too harsh in your judgement! Back to Main Gallery

  Best Bites Around the World: As you have probably realized by now, Nisheet and I love food. But, more than that, we love snack foods. Sure, sitting down to a 3 course meal down a secret alley in Paris can be a heaven on earth, but snack foods are what we are best at. […]

London Our last day in London was the 4th of July. It was a very interesting feeling to be in the country that your own country won independence from on the anniversary of that independence  day. I tried to find an American Independence Day party to attend but didn’t have much luck. There was going to […]

Edinburgh: Sadyl, we only had one last morning to spend in Edinburgh (read about our first and second days in Edinburgh) before catching the train back to London, and we planned to take full advantage of it. We started the morning by having a pastry and coffee in The Elephant House. I was a bit […]

Today we got up bright and early and took a bus from London to Dover. I had it all planned out. We were going to stroll along a path on the top of the cliffs. There was a lighthouse at the end of the trail, and supposedly, the lighthouse had a cute (and good) tea […]

Flying to London: Nisheet had to travel to the UK for a business trip, so we jumped at the chance to turn it into a vacation. He left for the UK before I did and worked for about a week before I joined him to see the London attractions, Dover, Edinburgh, and the Scottish Highlands. I took […]