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Food and Beverages

I think that food and beverages are at the heart of every culture. So, when I plan a trip, I spend a lot of time (probably too much time) time figure out what to eat. And, to add another challenge, we also like to stick to a budget. Here, you can find what we ate during our trips, and you can be sure they won’t break the bank. I have to confess though, we do occasionally splurge!

What I ate in Paris

What I ate in Belgium

What I Ate in Iceland


PandaTrot Travel Resources - What I Ate in Maine

PandaTrot Travel Resources - What I Ate in Seattle

PandaTrot Travel Resources - What I Ate in Vancouver

What I Ate at Disney World


Locations and Destinations

Sometimes the hardest part to planning a vacation is figuring out the destination. You know you want to get away, but where should you go? Browse through some of the articles in this travel resource section and get some inspiration. These are my favorite places and my favorite attractions.

Michigan Best 15

Top 20 Chicago

Lake Michigan Circle Tour

Winter Travel Destination Guide


Christmastime in Chicago



Planning and Preparation

So you have a destination picked out for your vacation. Great job. Now you need to plan that trip. Here you will find advice on planning, booking airline tickets, booking accommodations, etc.

Pro Airfare Tips



Packing Lists, Hacks, and Tips

You have picked out your destination, planned your trip, and booked your tickets. You’ve waited months in anticipation, and now you are finally ready to hit the road. There is one last thing you need to do though! The dreaded packing! Packing doesn’t have to be such a pain though. You can use my packing lists as a guide, and I’ve also provided some of my favorite packing hacks and tips. Be warned though, I like to travel light! (Really though, who likes to lug around a ton of luggage?)

Iceland Packing List

Packing Hacks
Packing List Must Haves

10 Things to leave at home


Suitcase Camping

What's in my toiletry bag?

Packing Cubes Are they worth it?

the complete guide to packing light




Travel Photography

Some people buy souvenirs to remember their vacations and trips-of-a-lifetime. I sometimes buy souvenirs. But, mainly, I remember my adventures through pictures. And, to do that, I need to take good pictures. I’m not a professional by any means, so I often bring in the experts for this travel resource section.



Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Travel can be an awesome experience, but it can also push you outside of your comfort zone. In this travel resource section, you will find all of my random advice. How to travel with others. What to do in situations where you find yourself alone. How to still be environmentally conscious. Things like that.

Traveling as a Couple

Tips for the solo female traveler

Green Vacations

A Healthier Vacation



Travel Products and Reviews

Just in case you were wondering what travel products I use, this is where I will post them. Obviously I use more products that what is currently listed, so please be patient while I work on creating more reviews. And, of course, if there is a travel product you love and can’t live without, let me know about it!

Case Logic Camera Bag Review

Cheap gifts for travelers

eagle creek money belt review

Suvelle Hanging Toiletry Bag Review


digision travel adapter