Digision Travel Adapter Review

So you are traveling overseas. That is super exciting! But don’t forget your travel adapter! There are a lot of travel adapters on the market, and some of them can be really expensive! But, you probably don’t need that fancy $50 adapter/converter. I have traveled with one of the most basic ones (like the Digision travel adapter – 3315794) for years, and it has worked just fine.

Adapter vs Converter

Since some people (me for one) have been confused by the whole adapter/converter thing, let me clarify. A converter changes the voltages. American devices run on 110V and European devices use 220V. An adapter, however, allows you to plug your device into an outlet of a different shape. That’s right folks…in case you didn’t know, those holes in your power outlet look a heck of a lot different in Europe and Asia.

I don’t use a converter. But, let me explain. The chances are very likely that your device already supports dual voltages. Meaning, it can work both on 110V and 220V. The easiest way to check for this is looking right on the device itself. If it says “Input: 100-240V” then you are good to go! When traveling, I don’t bring any devices with me that don’t support dual voltages. My iPhone, iPad, and laptop can all handle both voltages. Even my hair dryer works on both (but I did intentionally buy one that can be switched back and forth with a knob!) So, I don’t need a converter. If you use any device that specifically says 110V, then you need and adapter + converter and this Digision travel adapter is only the half of what you’ll need.

Digision Travel Adapter (Digision 3315794)

The Digision adapter has 2 USB ports, fits both earthed and unearthed plugs, and works for over 150 countries including the US, Japan, Australia, UK, and EU.  We used to have the old version of this adapter which looked almost the same, except it only had the standard device plugin minus the USB ports. We used it for years and years, but then we forgot it in our Brussels hotel last fall. When I went to Iceland In March, I bought this newer version and it worked out great.

Travel Converter

Travel Converter
Digision Travel Adapter
Travel Converter
Travel Converter
Travel Converter
Digision Travel Adapter

The Good

First, compared to a lot of the other travel adapters in the market today, this Digision travel adapter is a bit smaller. A lot of times, when a travel adapter is plugged into the wall with a bulky charger, all the weight can pull it out of the wall outlet. Annoying! Since the Digision adapter is smaller, it doesn’t pull out of the wall nearly as easy. Yay!

Second, it has 2 USB chargers. (A) That means you don’t have to pack those bulky USB to wall adapters for your phone (B) It means if you are traveling with someone, you can both charge your phone at the same time using just one adapter. You don’t know how many times I’ve left my phone uncharged because Nisheet was charging his or vice versa. Even if you are traveling alone, charging multiple devices is a bonus. Just imagine charging your external battery pack AND your phone at the same time using just one adapter…pure gold!

Of course, they have the standard wall plug-in outlet in the front as some of the other devices you may bring with you (hair dryer, camera battery charger, etc) don’t have a USB option.

The Bad

There are some cons. There are always some cons.

(1) When I was charging my iPhone using the USB port in Iceland, I could not unlock my phone using my fingerprint. Neither could my friend when she was charging her phone. This isn’t anything serious, but it is something to note if you have an iPhone.

(2) The US and UK prongs can be hard to push back in.

(3) And, of course, I always wish that travel adapters were even smaller. This one isn’t that large (2.8 x 1.2 x 2 inches), but I can still dream for a smaller adapter, can’t I?


In summary, I absolutely recommend the Digision travel adapter (Digision 3315794). It is small enough to not take as much room in your luggage but big enough to provide all your power charging needs. Just remember to always double-check if you unplugged and packed yours before leaving the hostel!

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