Packing Cubes: Are They Worth It?

Packing cubes have probably been the number one packing item recommended to me in the past year or so. All my friends were using them. Every traveler I meet seems to swear by them. “It helps keep your stuff organized,” they say. “It is the best travel accessory.”

I didn’t really need packing cubes. I’d been traveling just fine without them for years, after all. But, I couldn’t resist the peer pressure. I broke down and bought a pack that included large, medium, and small. Now that I’ve traveled with the packing cubes several times, here is what I really think about them.

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Rusoji Packing Cube Set

The Sizes:

Rusoji Packing Cubes

Let’s start with the large packing cube. It is absolutely useless for me. It is huge and doesn’t fit into my backpack easily. Unless that is the only thing I pack. Which would be stupid. So, being the generous person I am, I gave that one to Nisheet. That being said, if you are someone who packs a lot of stuff and you pack in a sizeable suitcase, the large packing cube could work for you.

Rusoji Packing Cubes

The medium and small packing cubes are much better for me. The medium size is good for my pants and shirts.

Rusoji Packing Cubes

The small one fits my socks, unmentionables, and accessories.

Rusoji Packing Cubes

Rusoji Packing Cubes

Cubes and Backpacks:

Great. So I will always pack with the the medium and small packing cubes, right? Not so fast. I do like how they keep my junk organized. When I’m looking for a clean pair of socks, I don’t have to dig around in my backpack. I can just reach for the small packing cube and voila. BUT, if you are trying to maximize the space in your backpack, the packing cubes can create a problem. Backpacks aren’t square. So, if I have 2 square packing cubes, a square toiletry bag, and some shoes, I end up with an awful lot of wasted space. And, that is just unacceptable when I’m trying to pack for two weeks in a small backpack. If I’m packing in a rolling bag though, it’s perfect.

Rusoji Packing Cubes

So… I don’t use packing cubes when I only take a backpack? Again, not so fast. I actually still use packing cubes, just not quite for their intended purpose. Packing cubes made me realize how unorganized I can be when traveling. Especially when I’m staying in a hostel for several days and cramming my stuff in a locker. In those cases, I absolutely love my packing cubes. I just pack them AFTER I get to my destination. Yes, it is an extra step, but it takes less than a minute to switch my clothes over to the designated cube and makes life way easier. You can imagine what a locker must look like after days of throwing my junk in it. And then when I’m trying to find my pajamas in the dark while others in the dorm are sleeping.. not fun. But with the packing cubes, I can easily find what I need. And, it isn’t a crinkly plastic bag that wakes up others when you are rummaging through. Hint hint.

In Summary:

So, to answer the question. Do I recommend packing cubes? Absolutely! … With some conditions.

  1. If you are packing in a suitcase, packing cubes are great and fit easily. It can help keep your clothes and accessories organized. Since they are rectangle, and your suitcase is a rectangle, they are a great fit!
  2. If you are packing in a backpack and have a lot of extra space, they are great! Use them!
  3. If you are packing in a backpack and have little extra room, don’t pack in them. But do pack them. You can use them to keep your stuff organized at your hostel or hotel.

Also, if you do decide to get packing cubes, I do recommend Rusoji. I really like how they are lightweight, durable, and have the see-through mesh.


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