Tips for Traveling as a Couple:

Tips for traveling as a couple

Nisheet and I love traveling together, but traveling as a couple does have its challenges, especially on long trips. No matter how well you get along or how much you love each other squabbles are bound to happen when you are together 24/7. You get tired and cranky, they don’t want to go to your must-see attraction… stuff happens. Although it’s not possible to completely avoid some friction between the two of you, here are our top 5 tips to make sure the your trip together is still a positive one overall.

(1) Discuss your expectations and must-see attractions before your trip. You made it to Paris and can’t wait to spend the week shopping only to find out that your partner wants to go to boring museums. Instead of discovering the itinerary differences on the way out of the hotel room, discuss it before you leave for your trip so you have time to determine activities you both enjoy. Remember…it’s all about compromising!

Tips for traveling as a couple: To Do Lists

(2) Don’t forget the romance. Bouncing from museums to monuments to attractions can leave little room in your mind for your partner, but don’t forget that you are sharing this adventure with them. Take time out to remember them. Nisheet and I like to set aside at least one night for a special dinner or activity. A date night in Bruges, Belgium? Yes please!

Tips for traveling as a couple: Don't forget the romance


(3) Be goofy and laugh. Don’t get too serious. You might be wandering through depressing museums on the holocaust or watching films on the amazing advances in science, but don’t forget to step back from it all, have some fun, and laugh a little. It removes tension and stress from the situations and brings the fun back into your adventures.

Tips for traveling as a couple: Be goofy and laugh

(4) Spend time apart. Your partner wants to visit the art museum but you want to take a boat tour instead? Do it. And then meet back up for dinner later to discuss your adventures. It gives you a short break from being with each other 24/7, and it allows you both to do what you really want. Win-win! (Just don’t spend the entire trip apart. You need to to compromise too!)

Tips for traveling as a couple: Spend time apart


(5) Kiss and make up. Someone will inevitably get upset at some point during the trip. Try to be understanding. Traveling for extended periods of time can be stressful and exhausting. Talk it through, forgive them, kiss and make up. It will make the rest of your trip better, and they will probably be more understanding in the future when you get upset.

Tips for traveling as a couple: Kiss and make up


Let’s hear your tips for traveling as a couple in the comment section!