What I Ate (and Drank) in Vancouver

Vancouver is a lot like Seattle with lots of salmon, seafood, and coffee. But, it has a Canadian twist to it. In between coffee shops, you will find poutine shops. And French language is the cool thing to see on the menus. There is also an amazing amount of delicious Asian restaurants everywhere you go. Wait, am I in North America or Asia? Anyways, here is our Vancouver Eats list. The list is a little short, but we were there less than 48 hours.

Vancouver Eats

Vancouver Eats - Cinnamon Record at the Granville Island Public Market

Cinnamon Record

Granville Island Public Market

The Granville Island Public Market is similar to Pike Place market with lots of produce and meat stalls. And, beyond the produce, is all sorts of sweets shops. You can find macarons and pastries, but we were looking for something a little different. Something we had never seen before. And, we found a cinnamon record. It was like a huge crunchy cinnamon roll.

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Vancouver Eats - Salmon Chowder at the Granville Island Public Market

Salmon Chowder

Stock Market

At the very back of the Public Market is a little shop called Stock Market selling all sorts of soups and chowders. We ordered the smoked salmon chowder and it really hit the spot. Piping hot and full of flavor from the salmon and veggies. Perfect for a rainy day! Finding a table to eat was a bit of a challenge, but we quickly snagged a seat at the window with a fabulous view of the water and skyline.

[Salmon chowder = $4.80]

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Vancouver Eats - Pulled Pork Poutine at Fritz European Fry House


Fritz European Fry House

We love poutine. So we went out to find the best that Vancouver had to offer. And, I think we found the absolute best at Fritz European Fry House. Try it loaded with pulled pork, and you will be in heaven. The fries are double-fried hot and crispy, the gravy adds a touch of salt and a lot of flavor, the cheese curds are slightly melted from the heat, and the pulled pork is the cherry on top.

[Poutine w/ pulled pork + soda = $10.82]

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Vancouver Eats - Moscow Mule

Cocktails & Beer

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar

One of the hotel workers recommended The Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar for drinks, so that is where we went. They had lots of cocktails for me, including a Moscow Mule with vodka made in BC, and they had tons of British Columbia beer on tap for Nisheet. Yay! It was quite a large trendy place, but they had the different areas sectioned off to make it feel more intimate. And, even though it was a weekday, it was definitely the place to be!

[3 drinks + tax/tip = $20]

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Vancouver Eats - Breakfast at Chambar

Waffles & Toast


If you don’t want to wait in line at Medina or Jam Cafe, go to Chambar. It was fabulous! I had the Bon Matin which came with sourdough toast, prosciutto, tomato, avocado, olive tapenade, boiled egg, and brie. It sounds like a lot of food, but it wasn’t much at all. It was scrumptious though, so I’m not complaining. Nisheet had 3 Belgian waffles with a milk chocolate lavender sauce, raspberry caramel sauce, and white chocolate pistachio rosewater sauce. Each was absolutely divine. 

[Meal/drinks/tax/tip = $30]

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Vancouver Eats - Lunch at Yogi Korean Snack Bar

Korean Lunch

Yogi Korean Snack Bar

If you want Asian food for lunch, you’re in luck. There are 324367234 of them. We ended up at the cozy little Yogi Korean Snack Bar and ordered Raboki (rice cakes in a spicy sauce), Vegetable Kimbap (veggie rice rolls), and Tui-Kim: Ya-Chae (fried veggies). All were yummy, but my favorite was the Vegetable Kimbap. Veggies wrapped in rice and seaweed with an OMG good dipping sauce. 

[Meal/tax/tip = $14]

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Vancouver Eats - Beer Flight at TAP & Barrel

Beer Flight

TAP & Barrel

Since we had paid for street parking to see the Olympic Cauldron, we decided to make the most out of our paid time and have a drink at Tap & Barrel. It’s conveniently located right next to the park. I got the house white wine which was absolutely disgusting, but Nisheet got an excellent flight of beers from British Columbia. Just an average bar in my book, but the selection of Canadian beers was decent.

[Beer flight + wine + tax/tip = $16.50]

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Vancouver Eats - Poutine loaded with smoked meat


La Belle Patate

We couldn’t leave without having poutine one more time. We were tempted to go back to Fritz European Fry House, but we decided to try something new, so we went to La Belle Patate. They are famous for their smoked meat (brisket) on poutine, so, of course, that is what we ordered. It was delicious and a fun little place, but if I had to choose, I think Fritz was still better. 

[Poutine = $8.20]

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Vancouver Eats - Licorice and Rose Macarons



After our last dinner in Vancouver, we needed a sweet treat. We made our final stop at Laduree and got a couple macarons for the car ride home. I got a licorice which tasted like caramel, and Nisheet got rose water. The rose macaron was phenomenal! Try it! 

[2 Macarons = $5]

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What are your favorite Vancouver Eats? We will certainly be back, and we want your input!